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Published in TZ Latest News 27 May, 2014 by The TZ Newswire Staff

Bonds Up & VIX Up But S&P Hits New Record High (Coz It’s Tuesday, Durr)

For the 9th Tuesday of the last 11, stocks closed green with the S&P at new record highs. “Most shorted” stocks were under heavy testicular pressure but seemed the only driver supporting stocks as JPY decoupled, bonds decoupled, the USD decoupled, VIX decoupled, and credit spreads decoupled. But hey, it’s Tuesday so that doesn’t matter. Copper and oil were flat on the day but gold and silver (battered at the open) lost 1.5 to 2% on the day. Treasuries are 1-3bps lower in yield at the long-end with modest flattening.

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